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Environmentally friendly exterior paint, high-end fashion atmosphere

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Nantian paint was established in 1993, uphold the work The craftsman worked hard for 24 years. Has now become a professional, from Coatings products R & D, production, sales in an integrated Type enterprises have large scale standard factories and modernized first Incoming equipment and high quality professional team.

The company's "beautiful" and "the color of the stone" Brand in the domestic and foreign markets have been widely praised and Reliance.

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The products are environmentally friendly, natural stone painting, liquid granite, art texture paint, rock slice paint and sand paint, water-based metal paint, latex paint, wall paint, exterior wall paint, embossed elastic elastic rough paint, wall paint, steel anticorrosion paint, floor paint, fluorocarbon paint, oily paint and other products.

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Four advantages
One-stop service
Are you still worried about finding a healthy green paint?
Are you still worried about the cost of on-site inspection service?
Are you still worried about refreshing after-sales service?
Do you still run to and fro refresh?
To the south one stop for your service!!!
Healthy environmental protection
Tradition VS NanTian
Material environmental protection Construction Environmental Protection Material environmental protection
Raw material market confusion, construction process
Full of environmentally unfriendly products! Highly dependent on glue
Free home testing
Free door detection wall,
Tailored for you, refresh service, save unnecessary trouble.
Perfect after-sales service
Perfect after-sales service, to provide you with convenient after-sales maintenance
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